In-Person Training

In-Person Training

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Join us for our In-Person Styling Mastery Class - coming to a city near you. This intense lash workshop is designed for the artist ready to elevate their lash designs and gain the foundation necessary to confidently create the most sought after lash sets in the industry with ease. By the end of this class, you will have the knowledge to design ANY lash style a client asks for, no matter their eye shape, lash limitations or unique requests. 

This class is designed for the artist who: 

  • Has any previous lash training.
  • Sees other artists lash photos and thinks “I hope one day I am able to create sets like that!”.
  • Wants to stay up to date with lash trends 
  • Wants their work to stand out from the competition 
  • Are not comfortable working with a diverse range of curls and usually stick with one or two of the same curls for every client.
  • Have heard of looks like “Kim K, Strip Lash, Liner Look, Top Line” but don't know how to create them. 
  • Want to build the confidence to look at someone and know exactly what to do to accentuate their physical qualities.
  • Want to be the “go to” lash artist in their city or town.


Details By Location:

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada - Location TBD

  • Saturday, August 13th - 10:00am-6:00pm

Victoria, BC, Canada - Location TBD

  • Saturday, August 27th - 10:00am-6:00pm

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Location TBD

  • Saturday, September 17th - 10:00am-6:00pm


What is Included:

  • Lost Artistry Lash Kit + Online Portal Access (Valued Over $600 CAD)
    • Physical ‘Style Mastery’ Manual 
    • Lifetime access to exclusive online tutorials
    • Mapping Cards + Working Sponges (Pack of 10) 
    • 1 Volume Tweezer of Choice: We will let you decide which you love most on the day of training. 
    • 1 Mixed Tray of Textured Volume Lashes
    • 1 Tray of Textured Easy Fan Lashes
    • 2 Trays of Pre-Fan Trays 
    • 1 Lost Artistry Adhesive
    • Lash Stickers 
    • Empty Pre-Fan Tray 
    • 1 Pack of Mascara Wands (50)
  • Style Mastery Certificate upon successful completion

  • 10% off Lost Artistry Lash products for life

  • Snacks, Lunch, Tea, Coffee 


What to Bring:

  • A notebook, iPad or any preferred method of taking notes
  • No model is required


  • Understanding Eye Shapes
  • Face Shape Assessment
  • Curl Theory
  • Curl Blending
  • Eye Plane Assessment
  • Correct Use of Lash Lengths
  • A deep understanding of fan types and when to use each 
  • Eye Symmetry + Correctional Mapping Techniques
  • Taking Skin Tone into Account when Styling
  • How to Create and Read an Advanced Lash Map
  • Choosing Products with Confidence
  • Mastery of Placement
  • Mastery of Direction
  • General Layering Understanding
  • Advanced Layering Techniques and Methods
  • Advanced Blending Methods


  • How to create the 3 different types of Wet Lash fans
  • Overview of 5 different volume fan making methods (tutorials provided in exclusive video link)


  • Wet Lash Textured Looks (Kim K, Subtle texture, Dramatic Texture, strip lash styles)
  • Top Line Effect
  • Liner Look
  • Feathering Techniques 
  • The mastery of the cat eye effect on any eye shape