Can you explain the hands-on training in depth?

Here at Lost Artistry Training Academy, we’ve developed a unique approach to hands-on training, using virtual learning modules paired with your own practical learning package. Our training modules are extremely thorough and detailed, and so is our involvement with you throughout the whole process - we have online lash experts ready to provide support via email and Instagram. Photos are encouraged so we can admire your growth and provide positive feedback!! When you sign up for our course, in addition to the manual, you will receive three ‘consultation note cards’ with sponges attached. With this, you will also receive links to three video workshops that will help walk you through applying eyelashes onto the sponges. Before your final exam you will also complete three full sets on live models of your choice. We will receive before and after photos of your favourite set and then proceed to book a final exam!!

Is the course self-paced or are there deadlines I need to meet?

We want nothing less than to set you up for success. Our training offers ‘learn at your own pace’ styled content. There are no time restraints for module and exam completion, so you are able to learn in the comfort of your own home.

We want you to absorb information at the pace that works well for your own unique schedule. This will allow everyone to feel confident about their knowledge prior to the final exam

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes! Upon completion of your training and successfully passing your final exam, we will mail out your official Lost Artistry Training Academy certificate!

Does the outcome of quizzes in the online learning portal affect my exam?

Please don’t allow the outcome of your quizzes to discourage you!!

The graded quizzes do not impact the outcome of your exam. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the material before booking your exam. You are welcome to redo the online learning modules as many times as you need. There is no need to retake the quizzes.

If you have any questions along the way about content or need clarification, our training specialists are available to assist you! 

Do I receive any perks for enrolling in your course?

In addition to becoming Lost Artistry Lash certified, you will receive an automatic 10% off on products and future courses for life!

    Is the handbook downloadable or will a hard copy be mailed?

    You will receive access to both an online learning module with videos and quizzes throughout, as well as a hardcopy manual shipped to you shortly after enrollment.

    How does the final exam work?

    The following tasks must be completed before booking an exam:

    • All online learning modules, videos and quizzes
    • Three full sets with before and after photos of each
    • Submit your favourite set of before and after photos for approval

    Once the tasks listed above are completed and approved, you will be emailed a calendar invite to book your final exam with Kaitlyn.

    Prior to the Zoom call exam, a full set of classic lashes must be completed. Please allow yourself ample time to finish your set and arrive on the call as scheduled. 

    Kaitlyn will be looking for:

    • Placement
    • Mapping
    • Glue Control
    • Stickies
    • Direction
    • Placement from lash line
    • Coverage
    • Pad placement 

    *More information is provided in the online learning portal upon enrollment*

    After your exam is finished and positive feedback is provided, the outcome of your exam will be emailed to you. If the results were a pass, your certificate will be mailed to you!

    If the exam is deemed a ‘Retry’, you will receive another calendar link to rebook with Kaitlyn. There are no additional charges to rebook your exam, and you can try as many times until passing.